Monday, August 29, 2005


Summer is over. How do I know this? because the traffic was bad this morning. Everybody is going back to work and back to school.

Today they are working on installing my new $175,000 piece of equipment. First I needed 3 220-volt outlets, so I called the University's Facilities Dept, who charged my about $100 per outlet and installed them two weeks later in the wrong lab. Then the came back the next week and put them in the right lab (and didn't charge me for the change, at least). Then the installer showed up and informed me that the bench top was too small, so we ran to Home Depot and bought a sheet of solid oak and bolted it to the benchtop to make it bigger. But by then the installers were busy with something else, and now it has been more than a month since this nightmare started.

Today I am hosting a lunch for the Beautiful Untenured Female Faculty (BUFF) on my campus. I do this frequently, but I didn't have a BUFF lunch over the summer because I was busy/lazy. I have a hard time getting women to show up for these lunches, which is one reason I am holding them less frequently. But since classes have not officially started, I am hoping for a good turnout today.


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