Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back to normal?

Well, I'm back from Boston and survived my trip to NYC yesterday. Note to self: don't forget to put that down as an "invited seminar" on your CV. Today is a typical up and down day:

My student, SD, has excellent research results to show me!

Have to take car to body shop to fix major dent resulting from Boston trip.

Ion Chromatograph (this week's lab for my lab class) is acting up. Spent two hours on it and now it seems to be fixed.

Computer on one of my instruments died. Two weeks to fix. (Remember "The Money Pit"? everything takes "two weeks". )

The meeting I arranged between our new Dean and the untenured female faculty is tomorrow at noon. I thought we were going to the Faculty Club so there was no need to arrange food, but while I was in Boston I got an email informing me that we were NOT going to the Faculty Club, and since I was in NYC yesterday, today was the first chance I had to arrange catering. Luckily I found a place that can do it at the last minute. I printed out the tally I did of the female faculty ratios on our campus (Campus wide: 20%. My dept: 35%), so I think I am ready for the meeting.

Due to my interaction with the Dean, he volunteered me to serve on some panel addressing childcare issues on campus. So that meets for the first time tomorrow at 9:30. Then at 2 I agreed to do an interview with someone who is doing a dissertation on mentoring issues in academia. So it is a busy day tomorrow.

What about Thursday? See allergist in the morning (pick up referral before I go over there), take care to body shop, then meet with marriage counselor at 4. I may not come in to work at all. And Friday of course is my lab class. If the IC works today, I am ready for class. If not, I fall back on the last refuge of the incompetent: using last year's data.


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