Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stormy weather

Well, I'm in Boston getting trained to use my new instrument. I haven't posted in a while because I've been in the middle of a difficult time in my personal life. Maybe it was because of the tension caused by my upcoming trip, but for whatever reason my husband and I had a huge fight last week that left me barely functional (emotionally speaking) for several days. And now I'm in Boston. this morning he called me to ask where younger son's shoes were. How am I supposed to know, I'm in Boston for god's sake! Before I left I laid out outfits for both boys for every day I'll be away, and we made out menus for lunch and dinner for everyone. Since we had just made up from a big fight I was careful not to sound totally exhasperated (sp?) with his "feigned incompetence." I love my husband, but he is, by his own admission, very high maintenance.

I am staying with his cousin and her family in the Boston area. She is a stay at home mom with one daughter (5) and they just moved into a huge McMansion, where she is remodeling everything using mostly the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn catalogues. Everything is so tasteful. It really does feel like a 5-star hotel to me. They drive twin Lexus RS330's. But her husband works in Boston proper and never gets home before 8 pm. So all in all, I prefer my 3-bedroom ranch and getting my whole family together for dinner at least three nights a week.

The October cruise has been postponed due to the Hurricane Katrina cleanup, so I can stop worrying about that and find something else to fret about. Thursday night we are supposed to finish training at 5, so I will drive straight home, getting in around 10, then Friday I teach lab class starting at 9:15, then take myself and both boys to the dentist in the afternoon (missing the faculty meeting). Monday I get to go into NYC for the day (lovely 2-hour commute each way). After that, my life can get back to "normal". Whatever that is.


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