Tuesday, October 25, 2005

James Spader's divorce

I changed the settings on my blog so I won't get any more blogspam comments about James Spader's divorce. Like I care. I can barely keep my own, unfamous, marriage together. It's no wonder celebrities can't stay married with reporters constantly writing about their problems. I try to imagine how I would feel if, after I had a huge fight with my husband, I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and found that pictures of us fighting were all over the tabloids. I remember when we were trying to get pregnant (the first time) and were having a lot of trouble. It was so emotionally difficult to be constantly wondering, at every little pang and burp, whether "this is it!" Then to have your fertility problems broadcast to the world on some idiotic tabloid show would have been devastating to me. This is just one of the many reasons I have virtually stopped watching TV. Now I only watch a little with my kids (Teen Titans, Go!).

I have my mentoring committee meeting on Monday, and I had to turn in my package for our pay-for-performance review, so I was forced to take stock of my situation. By the numbers:

Peer-reviewed publications: 15
Book chapters: 3
Total Grants: 16 ($3.4 million including the whopper last week)
Grants with me as PI: 6 ($1.19 million)
Students currently: 5 (4 PhD, 1 MS)
Students graduated: 2 (both MS)
Courses taught: 2 per year
Courses developed: 1
Courses significantly overhauled: 1

On paper it looks pretty good, doesn't it? But then when I talk to my mentors they say I need to get an NSF grant, chair some sessions (which means more travel), and start sucking up to the bigwigs who may someday write letters for my tenure package. ugh. I'm trying to think of something less fun . . . my mind's a blank.

Today my "little" sister called me today to ask for advice on applying to grad school. (Although 15 years younger than me, she is 6 feet tall). Her GPA is not so hot because she is going to an extremely tough school, and her GRE verbal score was marginal (490). Her professors are telling her not to bother applying to grad school. I told her not to give up and give it her best shot. If she doesn't get in the first time around, take some grad courses as an non-matriculated student, get good grades in them, and try again next year. I think she will find grad school a breeze after the college she is at. It's so strange to have people asking me for advice. It's almost as though they think I know what I am doing. Why? Do I look like I do?


Blogger PhD Mom said...

My husband was in a similar situation to your sister. He took classes as a non-matriculated student for a year making great grades. He applied and was accepted to grad school starting this year. It can work, tell her to give it a try.

-PhD Mom

11:15 AM  

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