Monday, November 21, 2005

Back from Balmer

Well, I survived Baltimore. I used to live there, so it was actually nice in some ways to go back. I got to go to some of my favorite restaurants, including Egyptian Pizza and Bill Bateman's. Bateman's has great wings, if ever you are in "Balmer". I miss Baltimore. The city has a character all it's own. Not always a good character, but always interesting. The conference was good for me. I schmoozed like crazy. I was there from the first talk to the last minutes of the poster sessions every evening, which is very unusual for me. In the past I have felt out of place at these conferences because I didn't know very many people, but at this conference I seemed to be constantly running in to people I knew or people I wanted to meet. I guess that means I am becoming integrated into the vast scientific machine. This would appear to be a good thing.

When I got back on Thursday I was totally baked, so I was glad that I had decided to bag the NYC meeting. I participated by conference call, which is kind of useless, but it did assuage my conscience. Then I had to run to my son's parent-teacher conference (he's at the top of his class!), then I ran to the faculty meeting, driving 30 minutes each way to catch the last 10 minutes of the meeting. Oh well. Such is (my) life.

My technician also survived the cruise. He says the gale they got caught in was pretty bad, and it knocked the power out on the boat for 45 minutes. You can imagine how terrified he was, lubber that he is.

Saturday I bought almost $200 worth of groceries to get ready for Thanksgiving. Spent most of the weekend cleaning the parts of the house that I usually ignore. I'm staying home Wednesday to bake pies and brine the turkey. Just one more lab exersize to go, and a proposal due 12/7, and this accursed semester will be over!


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Congrats on surviving and thriving on your insane schedule.

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