Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reading List

I think it was YoungFemaleScientist who suggested that "Mr Darcy Takes a Wife" was a good book, so I decided to read it. I am enjoying it immensely. Also good in a juicy and decidedly feminist way is "A Great and Terrible Beauty" by Libba Bray. There is a sequel out now but the wait list for it at my library is very long indeed.

I've been reading more lately because I am making a lot of progress in getting my kids to bed without falling asleep myself. That leaves me with a precious hour or so to read. I suppose if I was more dedicated to my profession I would use that time to read journal articles or something, but I absolutely HATE to read that kind of stuff. I only do it when absolutely necessary, which usually means when I am writing a proposal. I can (sort of) get away with that because my research is pretty unique. There aren't any other researchers doing what I am doing right now. (At least, none that I know of. Perhaps if I read more I would find some!)

Must dash off to meet a post-doc candidate (to be paid from our $1.8 million grant). I still feel strange to be the one who is making the hiring decisions and not the one who is desperately looking for a job.


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